Many business will install a fire suppression system to protect their most significant assets in case of a fire emergency. Installing a fire suppression system is only the first step. Without proper fire suppression system maintenance and inspection, you may not know there are any problems with your suppression system until an unexpected fire occurs and your system does not operate. Suddenly all of your business’s essentials are gone.

If you need to repair, maintain or inspect your fire suppression system and are located in the Carolina’s, contact Protection Systems Technologies Inc. to schedule an appointment today! Call us at 704-525-8905 to request a quote or service.

FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems

Whether you have a data center, server room, computer lab,  or an area your business uses to house your most valuable and important business items, installing and maintaining a fire suppression system is a must to protect your business’s employees and priceless items. Fire suppression systems are designed to protect your most essential property without damaging even the most sensitive electronic equipment during a fire emergency.

Once a fire suppression system is installed, proper routine inspections, maintenance and repairs of your fire suppression system is necessary to ensure your fire suppression system will provide your business with 24-hour fire protection. Without routine testing, maintenance or inspection of your fire suppression systems, you risk losing your business’s priceless assets and possible even your business altogether.

PST Inc. performs fire suppression system installation, design, inspections, maintenance and repairs for businesses throughout North and South Carolina. Whether you need fire suppression system repair or want to set up and schedule routine maintenance for your business’s fire suppression system, contact our fire protection company today!

Halon Fire Suppression Systems

Do you currently have a Halon fire suppression system installed in your facility? While production of new Halon supplies has been banned in accordance with the Clean Air Act of 1994, it is legal to still own and operate a Halon fire suppression system if you already have one installed. At Protection Systems Technologies, Inc., we provide full Halon 1301 fire suppression services, including inspection,  reclamation, and replacement. If you need Halon services, call Protection Systems Technologies, Inc. today.

Halon Fire Suppression Systems Inspections

The NFPA requires annual professional inspection, testing, and tagging for all Halon fire suppression systems. During inspection, the quantity of extinguishing agent and the pressure of refillable containers will be checked, and if inspection shows significant changes in these levels, the system will be recharged.

Halon Fire Suppression Systems Recharge

If you need to replace your Halon fire suppression system, PST  Inc. call today for a quote to upgrade to FM200.

If you have a fire suppression system and want to have it inspected, repaired, recharged, or removed, call Protection Systems Technologies, Inc. today. Our certified, trained technicians can service your fire suppression system and make sure your building is always protected from fire.