Is Your Fire Protection Up To Date?

Is Your Fire Protection Up To Date?

Running a business you have to keep your hands in about a million different pots. With so much responsibility, it can be easy to accidentally let the little things slip your mind—including things like your building’s fire protection systems. Your fire protection system is one of those things that you hope to never need. But in the event that you do need it, will yours be able to respond?

How long has it been since your fire protection system was installed? Have you ever had it inspected? When was the last time you even gave it any thought or attention?

If you don’t know, don’t worry—fire protection is not something you need to think about for the day-to-day operations of your business. You should set aside some time every now and then to review the status of your fire protection and monitoring systems. You’ve invested a great deal in your building and everything in it—what would you do if:

  • There was a fire and your fire protection system didn’t function like it should?
  • A fire broke out and destroyed all your irreplaceable documents and expensive equipment?
  • A fire caused a halt in production?

The only way to keep your building safe from a fire is to have your fire protection system properly inspected and maintained. After all, these systems are like any mechanical or electrical device they can fail if now used for long periods of time. With regular maintenance and inspections, you are more likely to have a system that performs properly when needed.

If it’s been a while since you’ve thought about the fire protection for your building, call Protection System Technologies, Inc. We’ll also take a look at the alarm system to see if it only warns your building or if it’s connected to the appropriate monitoring services.